Tue – 08/26/2014

This is way better than the FDA’s version…


We just received the latest shipment of SHF Supplements. We are stocked in Fuel and Recovery. We also added the Push and Omega 3 products as well.

Whole Life Challenge (Starts Sep 13th)

What it is…

The Pandemonium Project – “Loud noises and PRs” – Sept 12th

– Sign-up sheet at the gym, deadline is Sept 6th.


Clean – 3RM then 2×3@90% of 3RM

EMOM for 14 minute (7 rounds):
Evens: 3 Clean Grip Deadlifts
Odds: 10 Box Jump w/ Step Down

Start at 60% of 1RM and build to 3RM.


Power Snatch – 3×2@75%

Death by Bar MU & Strict HSPU
Minute 1:
1 Bar MU
1 Strict HSPU
Minute 2:
2 Bar MU
2 Strict HSPU
… and so on until you can’t finish the round in the minute.


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