Thur – 08/28/2014

Labor Day Schedule

Monday – 9AM & 10AM Only

Whole Life Challenge (Starts Sep 13th)

33 CrossFit Wylie Challengers and Counting!

The Pandemonium Project – Sept 12th

30 Pandemonium Athletes and Counting!
Sign-up sheet at the gym, deadline is Sept 6th.


Quad Foam Roll – 2 minutes
Couch Stretch – 2 minutes each side
Pigeon Stretch (front leg at 90 deg) – 2 min each side
T-Spine MedBall Stretch – 2 min

800M Sprint for Time
Rest 4 minutes
600M Sprint for Time
Rest 3 minutes
400M Sprint for Time
Rest 2 minutes
200M Sprint for Time

Post Workout) 5 minutes total of Calve and Hamstring Mobility/Stretching

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