Sat – 12/20/2014

Holiday Party Saturday Night! Details at the Gym

Holiday Schedule Changes
Wed, 24th –
9AM Members WOD
10AM Community WOD, bring family and friends!

Thur, 25th – CLOSED

Fri, 26th – 530AM, 830AM, 5PM, 6PM

Wed, 31st – NO 6PM or 7PM

Thur, 1st – 12PM Only


3 Rounds for Total Reps, in teams of two, one person working at a time:
3 Minutes of Front Squats (115/75)
3 Minutes of Toes to Bar
3 Minutes of Rowing for Calories


Tall Snatch + Snatch from Hip: 50-60/1+3*4 sets

Snatch Pull with pause @ knee: 100/3*4 sets


2 thoughts on “Sat – 12/20/2014

  1. If I pay for it, and she signs a waiver, can I bring my wife tomorrow? She has a few days off (she usually has to work on Saturday mornings), and I thought it might be fun to work out with her tomorrow. If not, no big deal, I’ll just send her butt to her gym . . . ☺



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