The Whole Life Challenge is Back!
Fall Challenge: Sept 19 – Nov 13
The CrossFit Wylie WLC page will be live tomorrow, including all details and registration info!


Push Press: 6 sets of 3, build to 3RM

“CrossFit Open Event 14.1”
10-Minute AMRAP of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches (75/55)


Every 90 sec complete Clean, Hang Clean + FS:
1+1+1 x 7 sets build to max

Banded Deadlift: 8×4 for SPEED @ 40% + band tension
Power Clean: 8×3 TNG @ 60%

4 x 10 perfect hollow/arch swing on rings

4 sets of 2-4 ring MU + max rings dips

End of Session: 5 min. Tabata L-sit on parellette

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