Snatch: 15 minutes to find a heavy single
the goal is to improve technique with every rep, regardless of weight.

In Teams of Two, Alternating Rounds, AMRAP in 16 min:
15 Burpees
8 Over Box Jumps (24/20 | R+ 30/24)


Clean & Jerk: Complete 5 singles @ 90% with perfect form (use at least 6 sets to work up to 90%)

Front Squat: 6 sets of 1 @ 110% of triple from 3 weeks ago

4-5 sets as able (scale w/rep counts)
– 4 strict HSPU + 6-10 kipping HSPU + 10 sec. Hold at top (focus on straight body)

End of Session: accumulate 100 russian twists (50 each side) on GHD w/ medbal

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