CrossFit Kids Fall Schedule & Teen Class

The Fall Schedule for CrossFit Kids has been updated, and be sure to checkout the new Teen/PreTeen class Coach Jill is adding. It can all be found HERE.

New Coach!

Eric Bedunah is joining us as a Coach. He is currently going through the CrossFit Wylie Coach On-Ramp Program. You will see him shadowing and helping the other coaches for now. Most of you know him well, for those of you that don’t, he is one of CrossFit Wylie’s earliest members. He’s a great athlete and motivator, and he’s very knowledgable. Welcome to the team Eric!


Every 2 Min x 6 Rounds:
5 Deadlift TNG increasing weight each set
6-10 TTB

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
8 Touch & Go Power Snatch (95/65)
7 Bar Facing Burpees
30 DU
2 Min Rest


CleanJerk (clean directly into a split jerk): Every 30 sec 1 rep @ 70% x 6 sets

Clean + Hang Clean: Every 60 sec: 85/1+1*10 sets

5 min. practice freestanding tripod hold

12 min. EMOM –
2 strict HSPU
4 kipping HSPU
(add one kipping HSPU each round until failure or time lapse then work back down)

5 min. Reverse tabata (:10 on/:20 off) Single leg Front lever hold: DEMO

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