Club Championship
Friday was AWESOME! Everyone did great, we ran on time, and had a ton of fun! We are working on putting the scoreboard together and will have it ready in the next day or two. Remember, you can post last Friday’s results in Wodify by logging into Friday’s 6PM class.

This Friday will be the Club Championship Finales and end of the Whole Life Challenge, so we will keep the gym open after for a celebration! We expect more people and will have some longer events, so it’s very important that you let us know if you can NOT attend so we can plan accordingly, please start letting us know now! Thanks!

Whole Life Challenge
The retest for the hydrostatic body analytics is Thursday. It’s open to everyone, even if you didn’t do the challenge or didn’t test the first time. Click Here to Schedule a Time (scroll to the bottom). We will retest the benchmark early next week. Great work everyone!


Hang Snatch: Work to heavy set of 2, with 6 sec pause in the bottom 2nd lift

4-6 Rounds as your time allows:
100m Sled Drag
rest 1:1
400m sprint
rest 3:1

Record best weight for Sled Drag, and best time for 400M.


Compete Snatches First

Front Squat : 60/2, 70/2, 75/2, 80/2, 85/2*2 sets
We will max the squats next week

3 attempts Max Freestadning HS hold in 4×6′ box

then Conditioning

After conditioning…
GHD Complex, rest as needed between sets:
16 GHD to parellel
-10 sec. hold at parellel
14 GHD to parellel
-10 sec. hold at parellel
12 GHD to parelllel
-10 sec. hold at parellel
10 GHD to parellel


This is new and will be added to the program daily as Extra Mobility. It can be done before or after your workout. It’s perfect for when you show up a little early, and much more effective than sting there twirling a pipe for 5 minutes.

3 min. e/ Leg pigeon pose

Squats w/ 5# DB
– 90 sec. L hand on R foot, R arm OH, eyes up
– 90 sec. R hand on L foot, L arm OH, eyes up
– 90 sec. both arms up with DBs

2 min. slow alternating lying crossover stretch
(L ft to R Hand, then switch, back flat.

2 thoughts on “MON09NOV2015

  1. Hi, a few questions:

    – since tomorrow is the deadline, can I make up the work out from Friday night tomorrow afternoon. Can get there for the 6 pm. Sara can judge if needed. – what else can I be doing to try to increase mobility for overhead squat? – for this coming Friday night celebration, not sure what you are planning but happy to help with food. We can bake or whatever you need. Thanks

    Patti Walkover


    1. – tomorrow night is fine.
      – it’s a combination of shoulder and squat mobility. Start with the extra mobility we are adding the daily WODs and I can show you some more specific things to work on as well.
      – that would be great. Will probably do a pot luck and just ask people to bring appetizers. Nothing crazy. Just enough to snack on post workout

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