Pause Clean (just below knee) + Jerk: Find heavy single then 3 sets @85% of best

AMRAP in 9 min:
6 OHS (115/75)
12 TTB
3x 10M Shuttle (down 10 & back 10 x3)


Do C&J first, then…
Banded Deadlift: Every 45 sec x 9 minutes complete 3 reps @ 50% + medium band tension that still allows speed, drop every rep from top

After Conditioning
5 sets
– 20 Russian twists
– 10 weighted back extensions w/ 2 sec. hold
– 30 second plank hold – weighted as able


Accumulate 3 min. in KB box hamstring stretch (stand on box with 35/45# Kb, keeping legs and back straight let KB pull you over and stretch hamstrings)

3 min. each arm – Banded shoulder distraction

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