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Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk: 5 x 1+1+1 to max for complex,
then 2 sets at 85% of max for complex

8 Rounds:
200M Run
7 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
7 V-Ups


Do Clean and Jerks First

Then the following work before metcon:
EMOM x 8 min:
5 TNG Deadlift @ 70% + 4 Alt Pistols
*if you don’t have solid pistols, use band in rack

4 min. Tabata – HS hold w/ alternating gate leans

HS Walk: 5’x5′ box with cones/plates etc.
– in a 3 min. window, accumulate as many laps around box (alternate direction each lap)
– Rest 5 min.
– Repeat

After Cond.
4 rounds
– 10 band pullaparts
– 10 evil wheels
– 10 barbell side bends

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