Low Hang Clean + FS + Jerk:
4 sets of 1+1+1 to max for complex, then 2 sets of same complex at 85% of max for complex

For Total Time (16 min cap):
Pushups | R+ HSPU

Rest exactly 1:1 then complete in reverse order; 6-12-18.


Complete C&J first, then the following, then conditioning.

Banded DL: 6×6 @ 40% + medium (blue or green) band tension

4 sets: 2 wall walks + 10 sec. hold + attemp to HS walk off wall

5-6 attempts: 50 Ft. HS walk
*set a cone every 10ft., stop at each cone and restart walk

After conditioning:
4 sets
– 20 Back extensions
– 7 clapping pushups

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