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Strict Press: Find 3RM in 9 Minutes

For Time,  breakup anyway you choose (30 min cap):
150 Cal Row or Airdyne
300 DU
1 Mile Run

Extra – After Conditioning

8 min. EMOM – w/ feet on box
E- 5 Strict Ring Rows (fully retract scapulas)
O- 5 Strict Ring Dips (stay hollow)

1 attempt – Max Strict MU (scale w/ banded MU)
* stay hollow

6 sets at a steady pace
– 4 Hollow/Arch Kips on Ring
– 2 Kips plus pull rings to rib cage
– 2 MU
– 1 negative MU

Complete 40 strict pullups in as few sets as possible

Back Squat: Every 60 sec for 7 sets, complete 2 reps @ 80%

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