Snatch: 15 minutes to work up to heavy single

5 Rounds for time:
12 T&G Power Snatch (75/55 | R+ 95/65)
8 Burpees Over Bar
60 seconds rest
NOTE: Touch and Go is not required but the goal is to go T&G as much as possible. No dropping the bar with 10’s or 15’s. 


Snatch first, then…
Snatch Pull: @ max for the day: 4 sets of 2

FS: EMOM x 6 min: 4 FS @ 60%

6 sets of…
– 3 Perfect pushups
– 3 Strict HSPU
– 3 Kipping HSPU
* Focus on keeping scapula engaged throughout all three movements

After Conditioning: 5 sets of
– 20 GHD Situps
– 20 GHD Hip extensions


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