“If it is important, do it every day. If it’s not important, don’t do it at all.” ―Dan John

Complete in Order

EMOM x 24 min:
0:00- 8 TNG Deadlift (225/155, scale to 60%)
1:00- 12 Push Press (95/65) | R+ HSPU- Open Standard
2:00- 12 Weighted DB/KB Step Ups (20″) | R+ 12 Pistols (6 each leg)
3:00- 12 Burpees to Target

Extra – After Metcon

A) 3 min. Tabata – HS hold on wall (drive head through!)
B) 4 sets – 40 ft. HS walk – Stop every 10 ft. and hold HS for 2 count
C) 3 sets – max reps Tripod leg lifts (check P&G instagram for demo)

A) Clean: In 10 min find max triple, you may drop the bar between reps as needed. Must start with an empty bar.
B) Banded Deadlift: Every 30 sec x 6 min: 3 reps @ 50% + bands, drop every rep from the top.

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