Deadlift: 50/5, 60/5, 65/5, 70/5*2 sets, rest 90 sec
No bouncing, controlled touch and go

4 Rounds for Time:
700M Run (end of cul-de-sac)
Rest 2 minutes
during rest and after 4th round complete: 
20 sec Hollow Hold + 20 sec Superman Hold


All Before Class
Tall Clean: EMOM x 5 min: 3 reps @ 40%
Blocks Above Knee: Clean Pull + Hang Clean: 60/3, 70/3, 75/3, 80/3*3 sets, rest 90 sec

4 min. tabata – Freestanding HS hold

6 sets – Pike position HS rotations – 2 to the left/2 to the right -feet on box -switch starting direction e/ set

5 sets of 10-15 as able – feet on Rower seat pike slides



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