12495103_1082829738425550_559010976221591064_nRegionals. It all goes down in Dallas starting Friday!


Bench Press: 5×8 @ one tough weight throughout
Pendlay Row: 3×12


5 Rounds for Time (18 min cap):
400M Run
8 Unbroken Deadlifts (255/165)
1 Minute Rest

Dylan and Coach Coker have the time to beat at 14:28!


Bench first.

Plyo Pushup: 3×10
Eccentric Ring Dip: 3×6 @ 71X1   Skill

2 min. e/ wrist – banded distractions

4 sets – 45 sec. Double KB OH carry (pick challenging but perfect weight, we are looking for a perfect straight body from wrist to ankle)

5 sets – 25 ft. HS hold + Max freestanding HS hold


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