Hang Snatch + OHS: 60/3+1, 65/3+1, 70/3+1, 75-80/3+1*2-4 sets

AMRAP in 6 Rounds:
75 Second Running Clock:
100M Sprint
Max Rep Alternating DB Snatch in Remaining Time (45/25)
2 Min Rest Between Rounds

R+: KB Snatch (53/35) alternating every 3 reps. Shuttle run inside if raining.


Deadlift from 3in deficit: Work up to 80% of best deadlift and complete 1 rep every 30 sec x 8 minutes

6 Rounds:
-10 steps e/leg OH walking lunge w/ empty bar
-10 kipping HSPU

After Conditioning
Accumulate a total of:
100 Alt. bird-dogs & 100 Hollow rocks

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