6 Sets (15 min)
-10 KB strict press building to heaviest possible
-6 strict hollow chin-ups

For Time (30 min cap):
4 Rounds of:
700M Run
21-15-12-9 Toes to Bar
Then: 50 Burpee Cashout

The entire piece is timed. Do 4 rounds, then 50 burpees all for one time. 21 T2B the 1st round, 15, the 2nd round, and so on. 


Power Jerk + Jerk: In 5 sets work to challenging 1+2 then -10% and complete 6 power jerks every 45 sec

FS: Every 2 minutes: 60/6, 65/6, 70/6*3 sets
BS: Every 60 sec: 80-85/1*6 sets, 8 sec pause in the bottom of each rep

5 sets of 2-4 Strict MU (stay hollow)

After Conditioning
Accumulate 2:00 min. e/l Couch stretch

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