Pushpress: 6 sets of 6 at 90% of 5RM

5 Rounds for Reps, Rotate Every Minute:
Row for Calories
C2B Pullups | R+ Rope Climbs
Assault Bike for Calories
Rest Station
*Start at different stations if needed.


10 min. to work to Split Jerk max for the day w/ no misses
– Rest 2 min.
– Then @ 80% of today’s max accumulate 15 S2OH AFAP

FS: warmup then – 7 min. EMOM – 3 reps (no pause) at 85% of last weeks 5 sec. pause max

5 sets – try to stay on bar
-5 Hollow/arch kips
-3 TTB
-5 Hollow/arch kips
-3 kipping only Pullups

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