Sarah and Jourdan are taking on the best lifters in the country Friday in Orlando! Sarah will be enjoying her first Senior National Competition in the 48kg class, and Jourdan is a favorite to medal in the 53kg class.

  • Sarah Lifts at 730AM Central Time on the Blue Platform
  • Jourdan Lifts at 530PM Central Time on the White Platform
  • Link to Live Webcast


5 Supersets:
10 DB Bench Press
10 KB bent rows, hold last rep to chest for 5 sec. hold

AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
3 Snatches 95/65
3 CTB Pullups
6 Snatches
6 CTB Pullups
9 Snatches
9 CTB Pullups…etc.
Continue up the ladder…


A) 8 Sets of Max Chin over bar hold with normal pullup grip
*rest 30 seconds

B) 6 sets for quality
– 3 hollow pushups + 3 strict HSPU + 6 kipping HSPU

One thought on “FRI09DEC2016

  1. Sorry but times are wrong. Sarah is at 7:30 cst. 8:30 est. east coast earlier than west coast. Got it backwards.

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