The heats will be a little different this Friday. For the 1st event, ALL MEN will go in one large heat at 6:15, then ALL LADIES will go around 6:45. Be there by 6 for a briefing and to warmup.

The 2nd and Final Event will only have 4 heats so we hope to wrap up before 9. It should be much faster than last week.

Bring your weightlifting shoes.


Power Jerk: 15 minutes, building with tech focus

5 Rounds for Time (20 min cap):
14 Burpees
14 C2B Pullups
14 alt. Weighted Single-leg Stepups 20″” box (45/25s)


10 min. EMOM – work to 80-85% of BS max THEN 1 rep w/ 3 sec. pause at the bottom

3 attempts Max HS walk

3 sets
-20 hollow rocks
-10 GHD hip extensions”

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