This Weekend!

Friday is the last day of the Club Championship!
The heats will be a little different this Friday. For the 1st event, ALL MEN will go in one large heat at 6:15, then ALL LADIES will go around 6:45. Be there by 6 for a briefing and to warmup. The 2nd and Final Event will only have 4 heats so we hope to wrap up before 9. It should be much faster than last week.

Saturday is the Christmas Party. We’ve moved it to the clubhouse at Seis Lagos. Please make sure RSVP on the FB Event Page, so we have a somewhat accurate list to give security.

Great work this week everyone, keep it up!


4 Sets:
10 Banded PVC Hollow Pulldowns
6 Hollow/Arch Swings
6 Pullups
30 Second Handstand Hold

For Time:
30 Wallballs (20/14)
1000m Row
30 Wallballs

Banded Front Rack Stretch 1 min e/s
Banded Lat Stretch from Knee 1 min e/s
Pigeon Stretch 1 min e/s

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