Psoas Smash – 2 min
LX Ball Hamstring Smash – 2 min e/side
Lat Foam Roll – 1 min e/side

4-5 sets: (on PU bar)
5 sec L-sit hold
10 flutter kicks in L-sit
10 Straddle kicks in L-sit
5 sec. L-sit hold
*After every set complete max Freestanding HS Hold, use spotters

Scaled Option: (on floor)
5 sec Hollow Hold
10 Hollow Flutter Kick
10 Hollow Scissor Kick
5 sec Hollow Hold

In teams of 2, for max calories in 16 minutes:
Partner A Rows for max Calories, while
Partner B Runs 400M, then switch.
*Only Calories on Row are scored.

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