Front Squat
10 min. to find 10 sec. Pause FS.

AMRAP in 18 minutes, n teams of two, alternate as needed:
30 Power Snatches (75/55)
300M Run (together
30 Power Cleans (75/55)
30 C2B Pullups


Before Class
16 min. clock:
12 min. Every 90 sec.
1 clean + FS + Jerk
*start around 60% and build… if you fail, drop to last completed weight and finish all remaining with that weight
Rest 1 min then:
Min. 13-16: Drop to 50% of heaviest weight of day and complete..
3 rounds for time
5 UB Squat clean thrusters
40 UB DU

30 HSPU w/ 3 sec. hold in bottom of kip on each rep
*Focus on femur being parallel w/ground and shin perpendicular

After Conditioning
5 min. clock
-20 sec. hanging L-sit hold
-15 wrist curls
-20 sec. arch hold on bar

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