Huge Shout out to the Podium Up Weightlifting Club from CrossFit Wylie! They all crushed it this weekend! Almost every single one hit PRs, Medals all around, some unofficial State Records, and tons of fun. Great work everyone! (I’m missing a few pictures but we’ll make sure they all hit the FB group). 




Hang Clean from above knee: Build up and do 3 sets of 2 at one heavy weight

4 Rounds for Time (15 min cap):
12 Deadlift (155/105 | R+ 225/155)
6 Strict Pullup | R+ 4 Ring MU
12 Goblet Squat (53/35 | R+ DB Thrstr (50/35)
6 V-Up | R+ 12 T2B
Rest 2 Minutes after Round 2


Set 1-50% of 6rm/10
Set 2-75% of 6rm/6
Set 3-Max Reps of 6rm
Set 4-Max Reps at Adjusted weight dependent on reps in set 3 as below
Weight Change Based on Reps in set 3
Reps – Weight Change
0-2 – Decrease 5-10#
3-4 – Decrease 0-5#
5-7 – No Change
8-12 – Increase 5-10#
13+ – Increase 10-15#

5 sets – 10 lateral HS walks on wall e/direction
*alt. starting direction e/set

4 rounds
-20 GHD situps
-100ft. farmers carry AHAP

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