16797952_864944296980238_1388777652451328247_oHappy Birthday to Coach Jeff! For those of you that don’t know, Jeff was one of our first members in 2012, and it took us about a week to realize he needed to be coaching. He’s been nothing but supportive and loyal and we couldn’t imagine where we would be without his help. Happy Birthday! – Chris



Hang Clean: 60/3, 70/2, 75/2, 80/2, 85/1*2-4sets

For Time:
Wallballs (20/14)
Double Unders


Set 1-50% of 6rm/10
Set 2-75% of 6rm/6
Set 3-Max Reps of 6rm
Set 4-Max Reps at Adjusted weight dependent on reps in set 3 as below
**Weight Change Based on Reps in set 3
Reps – Weight Change
0-2 – Decrease 5-10#
3-4 – Decrease 0-5#
5-7 – No Change
8-12 – Increase 5-10#
13+ – Increase 10-15#

12 reps – skin the cat
-slow and controlled, going only as far as you can in your positions

12 min. – Every 90 sec. w/towel b/n feet
-3 H/A kips + 3 ring MU + 3 ring dips

80 GHD situps to parallel

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