BS: APRE – 2 more weeks of 6s, stay with it!
Set 1-50% of 6rm/10
Set 2-75% of 6rm/6
Set 3-Max Reps of 6rm
Set 4-Max Reps at Adjusted weight dependent on reps in set 3 as below
**Weight Change Based on Reps in set 3
Reps – Weight Change
0-2 – Decrease 5-10#
3-4 – Decrease 0-5#
5-7 – No Change
8-12 – Increase 5-10#
13+ – Increase 10-15#

For Time, in Teams of Two, Alternating Rounds, 5 Rounds Each:
6 Power Cleans (155/105)
100M Sprint w/Med Ball (20/14)


Strict press: in 5 sets of 5 at 85% of 2 weeks ago 5rm w/ paused lockout at top

Split jerk from rack/blocks: Find max double with a 2 sec. pause in dip AND in split receiving position
*drop to 85% of max double and perform 3 sets of 3 w/ no pauses

4 sets
-8-12 strict TTB
-100ft. AHAP farmers carry

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