4-6 sets:
Build to a smooth 3RM bench press for the day
20-40 sec. ring row hold w/ chest of rings after each set

8 min. AMRAP
15 Power Clean (115/75)
12 Push Press (115/75) | R+ HSPU (open standard)
9 Bar Facing Burpees


5 sets
10 seated z-press, weighted as able
10 strict TTB

Set 1-50% of predicted 3rm/6 reps
Set 2-75% of predicted 3rm/3 reps
Set 3-Max Reps of predicted 3rm
Set 4-Max Reps at Adjusted weight dependent on reps in set 3 as below
Weight Change Based on Reps in set 3
Reps – Weight Change
1-2 – Decrease 5-10#
3-4 – No change
5-6 – Increase 5-10#
7+ – Increase 10-15#

5 min. tabata (:20 on/:10 off)- on bar
-move from perfect positions with controlled tempo hollow/arch/hollow/etc.

10 min. EMOM
E – 8 small circle butterfly kips
O – 8 kipping/butterfly pullups

400m dball/sandbag bearhug carry

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