Back Squat: 80/4*6 sets

90 sec on / 90 sec off in teams of two, for AMRAP in 15 min:
10 Front Squats (115/75)
10 Burpees Box Overs
10 C2B Pullups | R+ 5 Ring MU
*Partner A completes first 90 sec, then Partner B picks up where they left off for 90 sec, and so on.


Snatch pull to explode + snatch from 2″ off the ground
*work up to 80% of last week’s max – then perform 8 sets of 2 every 90 sec.
*reset each rep

4 min. reverse tabata (10on/20off) – HS hold on wall facing wall

6 sets – 2 wall walks + 12 alt. HS march w/ feet on wall + 20 ft. HS walk off wall

3 sets
20 strict knees to elbows
15 arch rocks

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