Pause BS + BS: 5 sets of 1+2 building to max for the day
*1st rep has 5 sec. pause in bottom

3 Rounds:
Row 60/45 Calories for Time
Between Rows complete:
15 Strict Chinups
15 Strict Ring Dips
Max 4 min between Rows

*Record Time of Each Row


BN Jerk + Jerk: 12 min to find max for complex
*then 8 singles at 80% of today’s max AFAP
**Hold each jerk in receiving/split for 2 sec. before recovery

Strict weighted ring dip: 5 sets of 5 working to 5rm

5 sets – on rings:
10 sec. hollow hold + 2 hollow/arch swings + 2 MU + 20 sec. support hold at top of MU

Perform 40 evil wheels/bar roll outs

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