Every once in a while I ask an athlete how they are feeling, what they think about the program, or if they are having fun. I asked Gerald “What do you think?” with the intention of letting him take that where he wanted to. He didn’t say much at the time, but his response via email later that morning was overwhelming and much appreciated. He also agreed to let me share. Thanks Gerald!

IMG_1168“Hey Chris,

This morning you asked me what I thought..and since this month marks my 6 month anniversary participating in CrossFit at your gym, here’s what I think:

I’ve never felt better in my life!

Finally, I’ve found a fitness regimen that works…and is producing the results I wish I could have obtained in my 20’s and 30’s! I played football thru high school, spent my 20’s snow skiing (taught one season as PSIA instructor) and windsurfing…and I think about how much better of an athlete or competitor I would have been if I had this type of training/fitness program back then!

In my 30’s and 40’s my fitness and activity level had fallen to almost nothing, occasionally doing the normal gym thing. I became overweight and out of shape. Workout programs just didn’t keep my interest.

In the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer…that was a very difficult year for me. I decided to lose weight and lost about 20 lbs by eating mostly vegan, but I felt weak, was still out of shape and depressed. I think I lost mostly muscle…

I had heard of CrossFit, but never really looked into it until my wife got an article written about her CEO who’s passionate about CrossFit (link below) and that’s when I started learning more about the program.


I had a physical at the end of July last year, I had gained my weight back and that’s when I decided to contact CrossFit Wylie.

Since then I’ve seen great changes in my physical abilities and have been watching my body composition change! Every night I can’t wait for your e-mail to see what the next day’s WOD is going to be and I can’t wait to get there in the morning…it’s what I look forward to each day. 

Thanks for being a great coach and providing a great community/gym…being almost 50 won’t be so bad after all 🙂

My kids even say I’ve been acting younger since I started CrossFit!

So, that’s what I think…”

– Gerald