Podium Up Weightlifting Club

The Podium Up Weightlifting Club is a competitive Olympic Weightlifting Team based out of CrossFit Wylie. Podium Up training has produced a number of National Level Senior, Junior, and Youth athletes. With multiple current State and National Record holders, and International Medals.

Coach Coker is also one of the primary coaches for Power and Grace Performance, one of the premier weightlifting teams in the United States. As such CrossFit Wylie is national training site for the team and our top level weightlifters typically continue on to lift for the P&G team at national events.

Training Options

Premium Membership: $299/mo
Individualized Programming, Club Membership, 24/7 Access to platforms, group coaching, and competition coaching at local and national competitions.

Monthly Membership: $160/mo
Club Membership, 24/7 Access to platforms, team training program, group coaching, and competition coaching at local competitions.

Platform Access Only: $59/mo
24/7 Access to platforms.

Personal Training:
1-on-1 Rates below.

Weightlifting 101 Class:
2-3 classes per week for 6-8 weeks, where we teach the lifts from beginning to end. Perfect for beginners and experienced lifters alike. Contact for availability.

1 Day and 2 Day Comprehensive Seminars:
High-level coaching with practice, theory, biomechanical education, programming, competition prep, etc. Good for all levels. Available at your gym or ours, contact to schedule.

Private Training Rates

Group Discounts Available

  • 1 Session
  • $69
  • 5 Sessions (save $46)
  • $299
  • 10 Sessions (save $91)
  • $599