Nothing special tonight. I’m old and tired.


Extra) Press 5X3
Rest 2 minutes

1) Front Squat 3X5
Rest 2 minutes

2) 5 rounds for times of:
15 Wall Ball
15 Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds

Competition Training – Test Week

Please  remember that testing is different than training. These tests are designed to provide information, not necessarily leave you in a pool of sweat on the floor . . . although a few days may accomplish both tasks. Please avoid additional work – it can skew the results.

1) Back Squat – 6-8 sets to establish 1-RM
1X5@50%, 1X4@65%, 1X3@75%, 1X2@85%, 1X1@90-95%, 3X1@Heaviest Possible
Rest 60-100 seconds between sets 1-4, and then 3-4 minutes between attempts over 85%. Leave the weights on the bar when you finish, you’ll come back to this.

2)Weighted Pull-Up – Six sets or fewer to establish 1-RM

3) Back Squat – 1 max effort set @ 85% of today’s 1-RM
Load your bar with 85% of today’s 1-RM back squat weight and perform as many reps as possible.

4A) 2 attempts to establish Max UB Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes
4B) 2 attempts to establish Max UB Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Rest 2 minutes
4C) 2 attempts to establish Max UB Kipping Hanstand Push-Ups
Rest 2 minutes
4D) 2 attempts to establish Max UB Ring Dips
Handstand Push-Ups should be performed with palms inside a 32″ wide box, and no further than 24″ from the wall.

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