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We are excited to announce Event #1 for the 3rd Annual CF4CF!

First we have once big announcement that will hopefully put some people at ease… Another Division! We realize that many of you want to participate with your spouse, or are having a hard time finding someone with a similar skill set. With this in mind we’ve decided to add a ‘COMBO DIVISION’. This division will be specifically for teams that have 1 Rx Athlete and 1 Scaled Athlete. Teams are still required to have 1 male and 1 female.

To sign-up for the Combo Division you will still need to register as a Scaled Team, and we will have to manually move you over to the new division in the days prior to the event. We will reach out and make sure everyone gets in the proper division, so give us a little time please.

Lastly, this is a fundraiser first and foremost, while we do hope to challenge everyone, Scaled and Rx, we definitely don’t want anyone feeling left out, or unable to complete the movements. Please understand that additional scaling for the scaled division will be made available upon request on a case by case basis, just as if you were completing a daily WOD.

EVENT 1 – Presented by Milestone Electric

“In a Flash”
For Time (9 minute cap); One athlete working at a time,
alternating complete rounds, of 15-12-9 reps:
Hang Power Cleans (Rx 135/85 | Scaled 85/55)

Athlete #1 will complete 15 hang power cleans, sprint 50ft to a designated area, complete 15 burpees, and sprint back to the bar, tagging athlete #2 who then starts their round of 15. This is repeated for rounds of 15, 12, and 9 reps. Athletes will use the same 35lb bar, requiring the resting athlete to change weights while the working athlete completes their burpees.

Events 2 and 3 will be announced in the coming days!

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