Coach Alex is back at it! This time he sat down with John Von Runnen.

John Von Runnen is a Texas native who has lived in the Wylie area since 2000. He works as a Bivocational Pastor at the Wylie North East Church, has a business that does web and graphics design. He was a cheerleader at Stephen F. Austin University where he earned his BBA.

While at a cheer camp on South Padre Island he met his wife Kristy and the rest is history. Together they also own Wylie Elite Cheer and they have four children Kylie, Jordyn, Jaron, and Kole. John is respected in our community so much that he officiated the weddings of FIVE couples from CrossFit Wylie. We are blessed to have a role model like John as a member of CrossFit Wylie.

Alex: How long have you been at CrossFit Wylie?John: I have been at CrossFit Wylie for four and half years.

Alex: Why do you CrossFit?
John: Both sides of my family have a history of heart disease. Controlling my weight and exercising regularly helps me control that outcome, and I like to eat the occasional burger.

Alex: Favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
John: The Back squat

Alex: Least favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
John:  Thrusters (John answered this before I could even finish my sentence)

Alex: What is the thing that has surprised you the most since you started CrossFit?
John: The community. Members of CrossFit Wylie will get together on the weekends and hang out after class just to catch up. I cherish the friendships I have gained being a member of this gym.

Alex: What advice do you have for beginners? What do you wish you would have known when you started?
John: I tell this to all the visitors who come to the gym for the first time and that is to pace yourself, and don’t drink too much water in the middle of a metcon.

Alex: Can you tell me an interesting fact about yourself?
John: I am a saltwater reef hobbyist and I have a 150-gallon reef tank at my house. I grow corrals and I have some neat fish.

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