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WOD Primer 2 Rounds: 30 sec e/side Couch Stretch 50ft 90/90 DB Waiters Walk 10 Bent Over Reverse Fly 30 sec Squat Hold Conditioning In teams of 2, AMRAP in 18 minutes: 15 Strict Pullups/Chinups 25 Wallballs 35 Renegade Rows (50/35) 45 Cal Row

FRI11OCT2019 – Open WOD 20.1

Class times will be limited to 530AM / 800AM / 400PM prior to Friday Night Lights events. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS This Friday is the first of our Friday Night Lights event for the 2020 Open. It gives us the opportunity to complete the Open workouts in organized heats with judges, and feel the heat of […]


The Open starts THIS FRIDAY! Check out the details HERE. WOD Mobility Banded Lat Stretch Banded Hamstring Stretch Couch Stretch Primer Three sets of: 50ft e/arm Bottom’s Up OH KB Carry 10 Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings @30X1 https://youtu.be/5XngyO-eIqA 60 sec Plank Hold Conditioning AMRAP in 12 Minutes of: 12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 12 Alternating Reverse […]


NO CLASSES SATURDAY Saturday, Sep 28, we are hosting the 343 Throwdown, friendly competition and fundraiser for the Michael’s Memories Foundation. Come out and support all of the athletes. Walk-up volunteers welcome!


WOD Primer 2 Rounds: 6 e/s RDL KB Hand off https://youtu.be/ONVW4NI3f-M 6 e/d Banded Plank Walk https://youtu.be/nDFzIqzSAvk 6 e/s Hip Openers https://bit.ly/2VDgXpQ Strength Clean Grip Deadlifts: 40/3, 55/3, 65/3, 75/, 85/3×3 rest 90sec, not T&G, lower each lift slow and controlled Conditioning AMRAP in 9 minutes: 15 Push Ups 12 Toes to Bar 9 Front […]


WOD Primer 2 sets: 20 sec behind neck front rack stretch 15 Prone Shoulder Ext Rotation Activators https://youtu.be/48Z2Q_qp0zI 5 e/side Tempo Elevated Reverse Lunges Conditioning September Benchmark 5 Rounds for Time: 300M Run 5 Squat Cleans (185/135) *scale to 75% or less of best clean Extra – After 6 sets at steady pace: 10 V-Ups […]