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Today’s Workout

As part of our preparations for the eventual shut down of gyms across the Nation due to COVID-19, we have moved all workouts to our member-only program software for both in-gym and remote clients, for the foreseeable future. Members can see all workouts in the Wodify App (make sure you have the correct program & […]

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COVID-19 Update / WED18MAR2020

SUMMARY We plan to stay open as long as we can to continue to serve our community through small group classes, personal training, and remote coaching as safely as possible. However, we do encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible and only come to the gym if it’s necessary or if you are […]


WOD Primer 2 Rounds 6 e/d Banded Monster Sidesteps 8 PVC Front Rack SOTS Press 6 e/d Single Leg 45 degree Jump https://youtu.be/Wzy1m6yy0gU Strength Back Squat w/ 3 sec Pause: Build to Heavy Set of 3, then an additional set of 3 at 90% of best Conditioning 4 Rounds for Time (20 min cap): 400M […]


February CrossFit Program

It’s already February! Crazy right! Well, here is what Feb in our CrossFit Classes will look like… Rowing will be the primary focus, with a secondary on back strength, so that means lots of pulling, technique work, and more pulling! We have some fun (and some not so fun) benchmark workouts. This will be a […]


WOD Mobility 5 Min Quad & IT Band Foam Roll 1 Min Each Lat Stretch 1 Min Each 90/90 Stretch Primer 2 Rounds: 6 e/leg Single Leg KB DL 8 Anchored Leg Raises 8 Lying Leg Raises https://youtu.be/Wp4BlxcFTkE Conditioning 5 Rounds for Time (14 min cap): 10 Toes to Bar 15 Deadlifts (115/80) 25 Double […]