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Members Only, Two Week Competition to Test our Skills, Celebrate our Community, and Crown the Fittest of CrossFit Wylie

When: Two Friday Nights at 6PM, December 2nd & 16th

If you can’t make it on Friday, the events must be completed and results submitted by the following Tuesday. We will have a very limited schedule these event days, so if you like your Friday workouts, Sign Up!

Door Prizes!

-Exclusive Club Championship Shirt, ONLY available to participants!
-A lot of door prizes such as supplements, shirts, decals, patches, tumblers, shakers, and more!

Price: $40 per Athlete

Who: EVERYONE should sign up for this! You will do things you never thought possible, learn what you need to work on the most, create more great friendships, and improve all around!

Compete with the best athletes in the gym and push yourself to another level! This is a good choice if you can Rx almost all of the daily workouts.

Masters (Ages 40+)
Events scaled slightly. Great for Athletes that meet the age requirement and do most workouts Rx or at least the bodyweight movements.

If you would like to participate but aren’t ready for Rx. The workouts will be scaled by our coaches to match your ability level.

(Let us know if you aren’t sure which and we will help you decide.)



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