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Weekend Schedule

Friday – Same as the past few weeks, 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 8:30AM ONLY
NO AFTERNOON CLASSES due to Club Championship
Saturday – 9AM & 10AM

2013 CrossFit Wylie Club Championship Finals

We are having a potluck style party following Friday’s Finals of the 2013 Club Championship. There is a thread in the Facebook group where you can see what everyone is bringing. If you aren’t on Facebook just be sure to bring drinks and snacks, you can steal the rest from Facebookers.

Event #6 – “Snasquatch Ladder”

Athletes will perform a Snatch + OHS Ladder. Athletes will start one at a time, at the same weight (65/35), and rotate to a heavier station after each successful attempt. Athletes will have 50 seconds to successfully complete the complex, successful lifters will transition 10 seconds later. The women will go first and then the men. In order to advance, the athlete must complete both the Snatch and the OHS. However, should an athlete successfully snatch a bar, but miss the OHS, they will receive partial credit. For example; making the snatch and OHS at 100lb would be 100.2, but a miss on the OHS would be 100.1.

Athletes must first complete a Snatch, then an Overhead Squat. Any style snatch is acceptable. For the OHS, the athlete must start in a fully locked out overhead position, then squat to a point to where the hips CLEARLY pass below parallel and then return to a fully extended overhead position and show control before dropping the bar. 

Event #7 – “Curtis P. Burpee”

7 Minute AMRAP of:
4 Curtis P
4 Burpees Over-the-Bar
8 CP
8 Burpees OTB
12 CP
12 Burpees OTB
…and so on until time expires.

RX and Masters: 115/75 lbs          
Scaled: 95/55 lbs (scale more if necessary)

CURTIS P (DEMO): One rep is the sequence of Clean + Lunge + Lunge + Shoulder-to-Overhead . Any style clean (muscle, power, full) is aloud but the athlete must stand up fully before lunging. Athletes can start with either leg but must alternate legs (1R/1L), and must stand up fully between the two lunges. The Shoulder-to-Overhead can be any style (jerk, press, split), but the athlete must stand fully extended with the bar overhead before lowering the bar. There must be a straight line between the bar and the heals. If the bar is in front of the head at lockout it’s a NO REP.

BURPEE OVER THE BAR: The entire torso must hit the ground. Athlete must then jump over the bar, no clap needed. RX and Masters; both feet must leave the ground at the same time. Scaled; athletes may step over if necessary.

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