“The hardship of the exercise is intended less to strengthen the back than to toughen the mind. The Spartans say that any army may win while it still has its legs under it; the real test comes when all strength is fled and the men must produce victory on will alone.”

-Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire


A) Push Press: 5×6, build to 6RM
rest 30 sec
B) Strict Weighted Pullups: 5×5 as difficult as possible,
rest 90 sec

“Lurong Challenge 13.3”

For Time, 5 Min Time Cap:

Round 1
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
20 Meter Shuttle Sprint (10 Meter Increments)
Round 2
8 Hang Power Cleans
40 Meter Shuttle Sprint
Round 3
6 Hang Power Cleans
60 Meter Shuttle Sprint
Round 4
4 Hang Power Cleans
80 Meter Shuttle Sprint
Round 5
2 Hang Power Cleans
100 Meter Shuttle Sprint

For the Hang Power Cleans to count the athlete must first Deadlift the bar up before starting the movement. At the top of the clean the athletes elbows must clear the bar, and he or she must stand all the way up at full hip and leg extension before proceeding into their next rep. On the 10-meter sprinting intervals both feet must cross and hands must make contact with the line.

Any 1 REP of Hang Power Cleans not completed within the 5 minute time cap will be added on as 1 additional second. Every 10 Meter run not completed within the 5 minute time cap will result in 5 seconds being added to the total time.


Snatch: 60/6, 70/5, 80/4, 85/3, 90/2, 95/1, 80/3*3 sets

Clean + Jerk: 60/6+1, 70/5+1, 80/4+1, 85/3+1, 90/2+1, 95/1+1, 80/1+1*3 sets

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