Perform dynamic stretches for warm-up, then start the workout with a Pre-Fatigue Power Test (For Time).

The Power Test should be performed at submaximal efforts, pushing the pace nearing unsustainable levels (80-90% sprint).

Rest at least 5-10 minutes (as a class) before starting the metcon.

Pre-Fatigue Power Test – 3 Rounds For Time (5 Minute Cap):
400/300m Bike
10 KBS (53/35)
5 Burpee Pull-up

Aerobic Threshold: Test your engine and ability to pace to workout in a extended chipper metcon. You’ll enter in pre-fatigued, from the warm-up, which will test your ability to find a sustainable pace for a lengthy workout.

For Time (25 Minute Cap):
40/32 Calorie Bike
50 Anchored Sit-up
30/22 Calorie Bike
40 Alternating Single Arm Devil’s Press (50/35)
20/12 Calorie Bike
30 Single Arm DB Thruster (15e/side)

Anchored Sit-up: Don’t use momentum/arms and control the descent of the sit-up

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