Happy Birthday Doc!!

Happy Birthday Laura!! I don’t know how we would do this without you there to keep it from flying off the rails!


3 Rounds for Time (30 min cap):
800m run
20 Pushups
20 Pullups
20 Alt Pistols

Scale pistols with one legged box squats or this.


Before Class
Bench Press: 4×6 @ 90% of 6RM from last week
Pendlay Row: 4×10

4 sets of 10: Headstand Leg lifts (start in tripod, raise and lower legs, stay connected and stop descent if tension is lost anywhere)

4 sets of 8 e/arm: Handstand Leans (hold HS on wall, and shift weight into each arm, keeping your whole body straight)

9 min. Every 90 sec. – Pick a manageable distance and perform your best HS walk (quality over quantity today)

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