Dynamic Warm-up/Stretches

2 Sets
12/10 Calorie Row
10 Goblet KB Sumo Goodmorning
10e/leg Goblet Kickstand Pistol Squat
10 Strict Hanging Knee to Chest

Alphabet Soup: Each round the order of the movements will switch. Pre-fatiguing muscles in different orders each round will give a completely different stimulus per round and make the workout that much more difficult and stimulating. Choose an appropriate weight that will allow you to move through the movements without stopping too often (still a deload week).

4 Rounds For Time (25 Minute Time Cap):
(A) 20/16 Calorie Row
(B) 12 Hang Power Clean (95/65) | (115/85)
(C) 12 Thrusters
(D) 12 Toes to Bar
Rest 2 Minutes

Set 1: ABCD
Set 2: DCBA
Set 3: CDAB
Set 4: BADC

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