2 Sets
15sec Rower Sprint/45sec Steady Row
10 Alternating Push-up to Pike Toe Touch
8e/leg KB Kickstand Pistol Squat
10e/side KB Crossbody RDL

(2) https://youtu.be/k3e6QZYuCYY
(3) https://youtu.be/T2dZZPhY95k
(4) https://youtu.be/MizOPwZdGGU

” It’s Patti”
Find Max Total Weight in 3 Rounds (28 Minutes):

Round 1 – 6 Minutes
300m/250m Row Sprint
Max Bench Press in remaining time

Rest 2 Minutes

Round 2 – 8 Minutes
500m/400m Row
Max Back Squat in remaining time

Rest 2 Minutes

Round 3 – 10 Minutes
1k/800m Row
Max Deadlift in remaining time

Rx = 1RM of each lift

Scale by building to a 3RM, instead of a 1RM.
No injuries allowed

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