Camp Leatherneck CrossFit, Afghanistan

Holiday Weekend Info

I’m going to a graduation Saturday, so NO class Saturday.

The lovely ladies of the 9:00am class beat me until I agreed to the let them help paint the gym. Here’s the plan…

We will have one class at 9:00am on Monday morning. It will be a team challenge and we will be doing a version of one of the Hero WODs in honor of Memorial Day.

If you have time to hang out after, please bring clothes to paint in, and a potluck style dish and beverage of choice. After the workout we will eat lunch, hangout, and paint the gym. I appreciate all of the help, present and in the future! Have a great weekend!

WOD 05/25/12

4X5 Weighted (if possible) Ring Dips
As Heavy as Possible – Rest 90 Seconds

12min AMRAP of:
3 Wall Walks
Run 200M
15 Push Press (95/65)

Mobility for reminder of class time.

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