A collapsed arch (foot) in the squat is among the most prominent indicators that the athlete is in a poor position. The causes and remedy can vary, but poor range of motion in the ankle or hip is almost always present.

The Open
This week marks the start of the 2014 open. The first stage of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. The open is many different things depending on the athlete. For some it is validation that they have overcome a previously sedentary lifestyle or illness to become the athletes they knew they could or SHOULD be. For others it’s another excuse to get with friends, workout, then reward themselves with an adult beverage. A few of our top athletes are hoping to move onto regionals this year or next year. I have a goal of sending a team in 2015. Regardless of their reasons for doing the open, it’s not just about competition, few things ever are. In no other athletic sport or event can anyone off the street pay $20 and compete against, on the same scoreboard, under the same rules, in similar conditions, etc. with the World Champions of that particular sport. We can compete with our friends at another gym in a different state or country, we can crown the best athletes in the gym, but ultimately we can prove to ourselves that we are better than we’ve ever been, all while working out and improving further. This is what makes the open unique, nothing else in sport is so inclusive, and nothing else is so rewarding in the absence of victory.


A) Back Squat
5@60%, 4@70%, 4@75%, 2×3@80%
rest 90 sec

B) 6 Rounds for Time (15 min cap):
200 m run
10 KB Swing (54/35)
10 Abmat Situps


Open Week! Obviously the load will be lighter but still existent. The lifting will be maintenance, stick to the numbers. Time to do work!

A) Hip Snatch + Hang Snatch
3+3@60%, 3+3@65%, 3×2+3@70%
rest 90 sec

Immediately after last 90 sec rest complete the following…
B) EMOM X 5 min:
3 Snatch + 3 OHS @ 60%

C) Back Squat
5@60%, 4@70%, 4@80%, 2×3@85%
rest 90 sec

D) 5 Rounds:
30 sec ME Bench Press @ Bodyweight
30 sec ME Alternating Pistols
rest 60 sec

E) AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
200 m run
10 KB Swing, Vertical Bell (70/54)
10 Abmat Situps

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