Unfortunately we are short staffed Wednesday and have to cancel the CubFit classes for that day.


Extra A) Strict Pull-ups 4xME
Rest 60 sec
Extra B) Double Unders 4xME
Rest 60 sec

1) Back Squat 5X3
Build to 3RM

2) Two rounds for time:
400 Meter Run
30 Wallballs (20/12 lb)
15 Toes to Bar

Mobility) Banded Hip Flexor Mob – 2min each leg

Competition Training

1) EMOM for 15 min:
High Hang Snatch
*Sets 1-3 – 50% of 1RM Snatch
*Sets 4-6 – 60%
*Sets 7-9 – 70%
*Sets 10-12 – 75-80%
*Sets 13-15 – 80-85%

2) Snatch High Pull 3×3 @ 85-95%
Rest 5-10 seconds between singles. Rest 2 minutes

3) Front Squat 4×5 @ 41X1
Rest 3 minutes
Please note the tempo prescription – this is a slow, 4-second descent followed by a 1-second pause at the bottom. The athlete should then attempt to move the barbell quickly back to the starting position, pause for a full breath and brace at the top, and repeat.

I hesitate to give percentage prescriptions here because they could vary wildly for each athlete. Start around 70% and use today to build to figure out what you are capable of for this rep scheme. In the upcoming weeks I will be asking you to increase the loading by approximately 5% each week, so be sure to track your results.

4) Three rounds for times:
7/5 Muscle-Ups
14 Alternating Reverse Lunges (two 32/24 kg KBs)
21 GHD Sit-Ups
400 Meter Run
Rest 3 minutes. Record time for each round.
A Note on Time Management: It’s fine to perform “4” in a separate session, but you should be able to get through 1-4 within 75 minutes. You don’t need an extensive warm-up to hit 50% of your snatch on the minute – let that be part of your warm-up.

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