Club Championships

If you missed Friday night (sorry guys, you missed the coolest thing we’ve ever done) you have until Tuesday night to make up what you missed.

So the results won’t be final until Tuesday night, but Laura and Caleb have locked up top spots in the Rx divisions, and put out some impressive performances in doing so. The Masters division is still undecided but Grimes is going to need a strong performance to reclaim the top spot. In the scaled divisions it looks as though Chad and Tarah have things under control, but we are still missing some people there as well.

Overall the Club Championships came out just like we wanted. Everyone got an easy chance to experience competition, our community grew in strength and size, and every single person had fun and set some PRs! We couldn’t have asked for more.

A huge thanks to everyone that helped out, especially at the BBQ. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

A few things that stood out to me. I already knew all of these things, but they have all been reaffirmed over the past few weeks:
– Tammy Rocks.
– If you can get under the bar, you can lift more.
– Consistent attendance creates consistent results. “Amat Victoria Curam”
– Weightlifting Ladders are one of the coolest things in all of sports, but they only exist in CrossFit.
– You need aerobic capacity to win, but without strength you can’t even compete.

I have a longer list but those are the main things that really standout at this point.

Retail Announcement

The last couple Friday’s around 20 Kill Cliffs and a handful of FitPaks we’re taken without being written down on the pay sheet. We do not make much off of the retail items and will need to stop providing them altogether if we continue to take a loss. PLEASE REMEMBER WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU TAKE.


Extra) Clean – 12 Min to work up to Heavy Single

1A) Back Squat 3X6
Rest 90 seconds
1B) Single-Arm Dumbbell Row 3X8 each arm @ 2111 tempo
Rest 90 seconds

2)  Four sets of 3-minute sprints of:
5 Strict Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
Rest 90 seconds then pick up where you left off. Record rounds plus reps.

Competition Training

1) Muscle Snatch 5X1
Rest as needed. Build over the course of the five sets.

2) Snatch – Every two minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
Approximate loading % per set: 55, 60-65, 65-70, 70-75, 75-80, 80-85, 85-90, 90-95, 95+, 95+

3) Front Squat
*Set 1. 3@ 85-90%
*Set 2. 2@ 90-95%
*Set 3. 1@ 95-102%
*Set 4. 3@ 90-95%
*Set 5. 2@ 95-102%
*Set 6. 1@ 105+%
*Set 7. 6@ 80-85%
Rest 2 minutes between sets

4) 4 Min AMRAP of:
2 Snatches (175/115 lbs)
4 Muscle-Ups
Full snatch. Scale weight to 80%of 1RM if needed. Scale MU w/ jumping MU.

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