We still need some volunteers for the Weightlifting Meet (Dec 21). I think everyone should be lifting in it, but if you don’t want to lift, come help us out! Sign up here.


1) Take 10-12 minutes to work up to a heavy Clean

2) EMOM for 20 minutes (20 rounds):
3 Power Cleans
5 Burpees
Record the total amount of weight successfully lifted during the workout. If you do not complete a set within the assigned 60 seconds, finish the set and then sit out the remainder of the set that you overlapped.

Competition Training

1) 2 Pos Snatch (Hang Snatch + Snatch)
EMOM for 10 minutes (10 sets) @ 75-85% of 1RM snatch

2) Three sets of:
Snatch Deadlift X3@110% of 1RM Snatch
Rest 45 seconds
Strict Handstand Push-Ups X10-15
Rest 45 seconds

3) Back Squat 1X5@70-75%, 1X3@80-85%, 1X1@90-95%, 5X3@85-87%
Rest 2 minutes between sets

4) EMOM for 6 minutes (6 rounds):
20 Double-Unders
10 Toes to Bar
10 Double-Unders
If you fall behind, keep moving and try to catch up. Record rounds plus reps.

Optional Conditioning Extra:
1) Easy 1-Mile Warm-Up Run

2) Five sets of:
Run 400 Meters @ 85-90%
Rest 3 minutes
Goal is to hold same paces established last Monday.

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