High Hang Snatch from hip:
Build to heavy set of 3, with any extra time complete drop sets at 90% of best triple

3 Rounds for Time:
400M Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
15 Pullups


FS: APRE – Deload
3 sets of 10 at 80% of tested 6rm from 3 weeks ago

10 Wall walks w/ 2 strict HSPU at top of each
*stay connected, stomach can NOT touch wall

4 sets of Kipping HSPU 5.5.5 clusters
-10 sec. rest b/n each cluster (.)
-60 sec. rest after each set

After – Midline
2 rounds
-30 weighted crunches
-200m heavy sandbag bearhug carry

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