2 Sets
1 Minute Row (sprint last 10 seconds)
8e/leg KB Kickstand Goblet Squat
8e/arm KB Windmill Press
15-30sec Hanging L-Sit

Hanging L-Sit: https://youtu.be/WHi1bvZLwlw

Back Squat (Speed Focus – 10X1)
3 Reps EMOM x 8 Rounds

Speed of the squat matters most – not weight. Controlled descent and explosive speed out of the whole. If the weight slows down or turns into grinding reps, lower the weight.

3 Rounds for Time (Rx+ 4 Rounds):
250m/200m Rower Sprint
10 Alt DB Snatch (50/35) | (70/50)
5 DB Single Arm Front Rack Squat (L)
5 DB Single Arm Front Rack Squat (R)
5 Burpee T2B | Burpee Bar Muscle Up
Rest 2 Minutes

DB Single Arm FR Squat: https://youtu.be/1VzKnqCcUJ4

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