Front Squat: 75/5×5 sets

In teams of 3, relay style for time:
Calorie Row
Thrusters (95/65)

Everyone works at the same time, but you can’t move to the next station until the partner in front of you moves on.


Before Class:

Snatch High Pull + Snatch: 1+1: In 5 sets find max for complex then 3 singles from the floor @ 90% of max for complex

Snatch Pull to above knee + Snatch Pull from below knee: 100/2+1*3 sets

4 min EMOM – 12 UB TTB
rest 1 min
4 min EMOM – 10 UB CTB
rest 1 min
4 min EMOM – 8 UB Bar MU

After Class:
5 steady rounds w/o coming off
-10 Sec. L-sit Hold w/ chin over bar
-15 Sec. L-sit hold at bottom of PU
-20 Sec. Hollow hold


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